The world’s first ISO26262 certified virtual validation suite, aiSim, has integrated ROS2, making it instantly compatible with one of the most popular prototyping frameworks for advanced driver-assistance systems and automated driving solutions.

Written by: Dávid Rejzinger

What is the ROS ecosystem?

ROS stands for Robot Operating System, an open-source framework containing a standardized collection of…

Collaboration and working with best-in-class partners, such as AVL and their VSM and Model.CONNECT software are crucial in our efforts to tackle the challenges of automated driving.

One of those challenges is to create an effective and precise co-simulation environment to test the very limits of your vehicle dynamics. aiSim high-fidelity sensor & environment simulation and AVL tools provide a flexible solution for testing automated emergency manoeuvres end-to-end.

Click on the link below and download our latest joint whitepaper about this topic.

Click here to download the full whitepaper

AImotive Team

aiMotive’s 220-strong team develops a suite of technologies to enable AI-based automated driving solutions built to increase road safety around the world.

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