• Jair Ribeiro

    Jair Ribeiro

    A passionate and enthusiastic Artificial Intelligence Strategist, writing about people's business experiences with technology and innovation | Medium Top Writer

  • David Brian

    David Brian

    David owns a marketing company that specializes in the automotive industry. He frequently writes about auto repairs, detailing and marketing topics.

  • 天空 X

    天空 X

  • fkx


  • Tivadar Danka

    Tivadar Danka

    I want to democratize machine learning. Math PhD with an INTJ personality. Chaotic good.

  • davidblum


  • SelfDrivingCars 360°.com

    SelfDrivingCars 360°.com

    Driverless Cars Developers Community

  • Janos Orban

    Janos Orban

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